Literature Review

An early stage of the project involved the preparation of a literature review. The review was prepared by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research based (at the time) in Kings College of the University of London. It was edited by Dr Paul Turnbull.
The purpose of the literature review was to identify what research and academic attention had already been applied to the subject of offender case management. The review was limited (by resources) to papers which had been written in English or translated into English. As part of the fieldwork of the project correspondents from each jurisdiction were asked to provide copies of any relevant research, review, evaluation or study which had been published in their country, to add to the knowledge base.

The key findings of the literature review were:

  • there are many academic papers about case management generally, but only a few which are specifically about the case management of offenders
  • most insights into the case management of offenders have to be drawn by inference from studies about other aspects of correctional work, or from studies in allied disciplines, like health or social services
  • there are several different theoretical formulations of the core case management process but only one study which we have found which compares the differential effectiveness of different organisational models of case management (Partridge 2004)
  • there is universal recognition that case management needs to be well done if the resources invested in correctional work are to be used effectively
  • Case management with offenders is most effective if it is based upon a relationship between the offender and the Case Manager which reflects certain characteristics
  • Case management is an important process for ensuring that there is continuity between what happens at different stages of each offender's correctional pathway, between different agencies and individuals all working with the same individual; it is crucial to both effectiveness and efficiency.

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