Resource management

Managers reported to DOMICE that in most jurisdictions caseloads were higher than what was considered desirable and reasonable.   DOMICE was interested in examples of logical and structured systems for helping case managers to set priorities between competing cases.

LATVIA   - all cases categorised into HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW risk with different standards applying to different levels

ENGLAND and WALES  - similar system with 4 "tiers" of service (PUNISH, HELP, CHANGE and CONTROL) which map against different case management modes

In both systems, case managers may override the "formula" based upon justifiable professional judgement

BULGARIA (Probation Inspectors and Junior Inspectors), TURKEY (Probation Experts and Probation Officers), the CZECH REPUBLIC (Probation Officers and Probation Assistants) and ENGLAND and WALES (Probation Officers and Probation Service Officers) all have 2 grades of probation case manager, with the more highly qualified, better paid grade assigned the more complex, higher risk cases.