Case Management Expectations

The project asked correspondents what Case Managers in their jurisdiction are expected to achieve.

This is our understanding of the range of objectives sought by correctional services.  The Case Manager is often the person charged with achieving them.  The mix of objectives sought in any given case is often not specified and it is left to the Case Manager to select and prioritise between them

Case Management Tasks

In our preparation for the telephone interviews and Focus Groups, and drawing from our Literature Review, it seemed that case management consisted of some or all of the tasks right.

Some are continuous behaviours while others are tasks which follow one another in a sequence.

In the Focus Groups we tried to find out how the tasks of case management are understood in different jurisdictions

Case Management People

The expectations placed upon case managers (individual model) or case management team members (team-based model) in terms of both the outcomes to be achieved and the tasks to be performed are considerable.

Researchers and academics have articulated the required skill set in different ways (see, for example, McNeil, Bachelor, Burnett and Knox - 21st Century Social Work).  Drawn together, these can be seen as a SPECIFICATION for the skills and qualities of staff who are most likely to make effective case managers or case management team members.  

DOMICE was interested to learn about the selection and training of case managers and to what extent they, and members of case management teams in Europe, meet this specification.