About Case Management

The language of case management" is becoming more widespread.  "Case Manager" is a term used by many agencies; there is reference to case management models, approaches, processes, systems and teams in academic and organisational literature.  It is even possible to find reference to the case management approach, implying that it is a single approach whose characteristics are well understood

So what - exactly - is "case management"?  

The DOMICE project found that the language of case management is not universal.  Some jurisdictions do not recognise or manage it as a single function and have no ready translation for it.  Where it is used, there no simple consensus about exactly what it all means.  One correspondent asked the project "have you found an example of 'pure' case management?"  When asked what was meant by "pure case management" he could not explain!

This section of the website discusses some of the terms and explains how they have been used in the 

Case Management in Europe

42 jurisdictions in 31 countries in Europe participated in the DOMICE Project.  The idea of a System Map was developed to capture the detail of each jurisdiction.

Individual System Maps can be interrogated by following this link to the interactive Europe map.

Users should note that capturing the detail of whole correctional systems across the whole of Europe is like trying to 'freeze' something which is ever-changing.  The System Maps are a 'snapshot' of what the project learned about each correctional system, as it was in 2011. They reflect the perspective and knowledge of the DOMICE correspondent for the jurisdiction in question. Any questions about the maps should be sent to the designers.